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From enm alarom}}, from italiano all'arme (ആയുധങ്ങളിലേക്ക്)}}, from arma}}, armorum (weapons)}}


alarum ({{{1}}})

  1. അപായസൂചന.
  2. ആയുധമെടുക്കാനുള്ള നിർദ്ദേശം
    • c. 1605, Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act I, scene II
      (stage direction) A camp near Forres. Alarum within.
    • 1969, Michael Arlen, Living Room War
      It seems to me that by the same process they are also made less "real" - distinguished, in part, by the physical size of the television screen, which, for all the industry's advances, still shows one a picture of men three inches tall shooting at other men three inches tall, and trivialized, or at least tamed, by the enveloping cozy alarums of the household.




alarum (third-person singular simple present -, present participle -, simple past -, past participle -)

  1. ഫലകം:കാലഹരണപ്പെട്ട പ്രയോഗം അപായസൂചന മുഴക്കുക, അലാറം മുഴക്കുക
    • c. 1605 Shakespeare, Macbeth Act II, Scene I
      "Now o'er the one half-world Nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse The curtain'd sleep; witchcraft celebrates Pale Hecate's offerings; and wither'd Murther, Alarum'd by his sentinel, the wolf, Whose howl's his watch, thus with his stealthy pace, With Tarquin's ravishing strides, towards his design Moves like a ghost."

ഉപയോഗപരമായ കുറിപ്പുകൾ[തിരുത്തുക]

  • alarm എന്ന വാക്കിന്റെ പഴയരൂപമാണ് Alarum എങ്കിലും ഒരു archaism എന്നനിലയിൽ ഇന്നും ഉപയോഗിക്കപ്പെട്ടുപോരുന്നു. ഒരുപക്ഷേ ഷേക്സ്പിയർ നാടകങ്ങളാവാം ഇതിനു കാരണം.
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