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Vinod Thempat Marital Status : Married Languages known : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil JOb Objective To work on a challenging assignment utilizing Fifteen years of my experience in the areas of press filed. Qualification 4 S.S.L.C. Passed 4 BA History 4 Journalism contact campaign in Suri-West Bengal. 4 State faculty of Kudumbasree Balasabha in Kerala state. 1. Award winner of best story writer arranged by Indira Gandhi Foundation year - 2003 2. President, Mahatma Cultural Society Trissur. 3. Personal Survival in Social activities. Experience 1. Worked as a Marketing executive in kalaveekshanam monthly from June ‘97 to May ‘03 2. Worked in Jyothisha Deepthy monthly as a sub editor from Nov. 2003 to February 2004 3. Worked in Executive editor as Mahila sandesh monthly from Mar. 2004 to January 2005 4. Worked in Mangalam Daily in Trissur district as local reporter from Feb. 2005 to August 2005 5. Worked in Vellangallur Offset Press in Proof reader Feb. 2005 to till Feb. 2008 6. Worked in Mala Cable Vision as News Co-ordinator from Feb. 2008 to till now.
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